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well written

I like how this is written and the diversity of the instruments used. As far as swaying me emotionally, however, it wasn't phenomenal - but don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it. Can I ask which programs were used?

DimaSmirnov responds:

Of course, thanks for an honest response:

I used the Komplete 7 Kontact Orchestral library as well as some PLAY instruments

good song

and keep on keeping on. I've been there before - good luck - that's all I have to say.

montehawks responds:

Thank you very much. I've had a ton of support from my friends and family, and I'll be fine in the end. My heart is just aching right now and I'm not sure on how to control it. There's a few things that I need to realize yet, one in particular being that she's not the only one out there.

There's so so so many other women that I could be with... I just have to take this step by step.

Good Stuff

I love how you formatted this, I also love the effort. Also, it has it's light and dark moments, which usually makes for a great mix. Care to share which programs you used?

Veneox responds:

Thanks and Mixcraft 5.0. ;}


There were just a few things missing that stopped me from giving you a 10 (however I did vote 5), but all in all I love the idea of this song and it's potential, I don't care what anybody else says. Not much else to say, awesome work.

Nayhan responds:

thanks, it'd be good if you told me what was missing though!?


Very nice, love the how harmonic it is.

Nice and Depressing

It sounds just as you said in the title. Pretty much makes you think of a sad clown song or, just that, a carnival of frowns. It's one of those songs that are depressing in a good way, the only complaint is the length, even with that it's still a great track.

good instrumental

The instrumental I can compliment with no problem. The vocals I didn't care for too much, but it just might be because the genre really isn't my cup of tea. Other than that it's a pretty enjoyable track.

DJRevenge responds:

Awsome, thnx alot for your review weve gin dieing for some feedback. yea everything was boom miked and we plan and re recording the whole thing. Were finally comfortable with the song. Singing and playing guitar at the same time is a bitch, lol thnx dude


I like how it starts off really melodic then cuts into a quicker techno-ish sound. Overall it was pretty much the perfect length and a great combination of sounds.

Bob-Music responds:

Thank you

short and fun

haha its a nice little short and fun song i guess would be the best way to put it

Blind-Bane responds:

=) sank you


Nice work on this one.
It's not all too difficult to bootleg FL if you torrent it by the way.

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