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Moving Forward Industrial Song
Mika Industrial Song
Lotus Classical Song
Dubble Dubble Industrial Song
Swing Sam Jazz Song
Pretty Little Asian Girl Pop Song
Tekknozid Techno Song
Can We Start Over Indie Song
Timohi - Babulia (Akaliko mix) Jazz Song
Technocolored Techno Song
Zeke's Water Moose Pop Song
An In-particular Jewcake Pop Song
Harvest Moon in the Window Classical Song
Hungarian Reinterpreted Classical Song
Locrian in F Pop Song
8-bit Gypsy Video Game Song
8-bit G Major Video Game Song
8-bit Uhg Video Game Song
Harmonic Minor in E Classical Song
Rojam G Techno Song
Spieldose Classical Song
Dauen Harmonic Classic Rock Song
Tranny Uhg Uhg Techno Song
Hawaiian in A# Classical Song
Hungarian Gypsy in B Classical Song
Jewish Adonai Malakh in C Classical Song
Harmonic Minor in D# Classical Song

2010 Submissions

Bambi's Dad Classical Song
Aster(isk)oid Industrial Song
O_0 Industrial Song
Another Song to Forget Techno Song
Asianese Classical Song
nu pop Pop Song
Gangster Cowboys Pop Song
Random Sound Experiment Techno Song
Amenic Industrial Song
Scratch That Industrial Song
Geetar Stroker Industrial Song
my piano song Classical Song
Leprechauns vs. Unicorns Miscellaneous Song
Little Lamb, Green Eggs, & Ham Miscellaneous Song
No Thesis Techno Song
Fiddling the Vitula Miscellaneous Song
I'm Back, Again Techno Song
Turning the Tides Industrial Song
Wasted Time Pop Song
Marilyn Industrial Song
Evol Industrial Song
Immortal Wombat Techno Song
Untitled-2k9 Ambient Song
Return of the Techno Techno Song
Tsumetal Miscellaneous Song
Biscuits & Gravy Techno Song
9teen Ateytoo Pop Song
Midnight Comes Back Around Ambient Song
Magic Shoes Ambient Song
Bleep Blip Bloop Ambient Song
Dheth Rocx Heavy Metal Song
Still Day Dreaming Indie Song
Birth and Death Indie Song
Opening Act Heavy Metal Song
Breakdawn Ambient Song
Back to the Sessions Ambient Song
March of War Ambient Song
Beginning the End Ambient Song
F.U.C.K. Miscellaneous Song
My Voices Industrial Song
B.C. Millennium Industrial Song
Aces, Spades, Hearts and Clubs Industrial Song
Yesterday's Memories (part II) Ambient Song
Prophecies of Whylom Miscellaneous Song
Silvertide Jazz Song
Soul Upload [remix] Trance Song
Ahsile Grey Miscellaneous Song
Magrepha New Wave Song
Chrysostom Pop Song
Minuteman Techno Song
Minimalism Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Fountain Square Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Orchard Park Indie Song
Elessdi Trance Song
Redshift Sonata Miscellaneous Song
Oktober Harvest Ambient Song
Skull n' Bones Industrial Song
Death's Shadow Heavy Metal Song
Forthcoming Sacrifice Miscellaneous Song
Taliban's Desert New Wave Song
Kamikaze!! Ambient Song
Back Home to Mexico World Song
Raining Drops General Rock Song
Eight Years Techno Song
Project Bluebook Ambient Song
Conspiracy Experiment Techno Song
Unit 731 Ambient Song
The_Techno Techno Song
Twilight Sunrise Ambient Song
Yesterday's Memories Ambient Song
Thinking of 5 am Ambient Song
Revelation (AK) Techno Song
State of Jefferson Techno Song